Compose music and write score easily in your browser!

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Compose music easily in your browser!

Score page

Store multiple files, tag them with colours.

File page

Made using TypeScript, Html5 Canvas and plenty of crazy and amazing browser APIs.

If you would like to contribute, please go ahead and fork, push, pull, etc!

Please also visit the developer's forum:

Made with AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB.

Upcoming updates

  • Score chords.
  • Key signatures.
  • Other musical symbols - ties, dynamics, staccato, etc.
  • Keyboard setup options.
  • Add collaboration option.
  • Guitar Tab/chord name display modes.
  • Alternative display modes - e.g. keyboard blocks, phrase blocks.
  • About/faq information.
  • Composer forums.
  • Enable push notifications in forums.
  • AUDIO samples
  • Copy, cut and paste.
  • Undo & Redo.
  • Sharps and flats.
  • Cloud storage for open source projects.
  • Music dif tool.
  • Scoring intellisense.
  • Loading from/Converting to MIDI files.

Update 29/01/2016

  • Refactoring to use tsconfig instead of existing as a visual studio project
  • More plugin events available
  • Add text
  • Allows changing time signature per bar
  • Allows changing clef per bar
  • Mouse editing modes (normal/pencil/text)
  • Search on files
  • Smart search on music
  • Sound on adding/editing notes
  • Basic synth sounds

Update 29/09/2015

  • Complete revamp of project.
  • Audio/playback added.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • File download/upload
  • Copy, cut and paste on bars.
  • Undo and redo on copy, cut and paste.


This project is written primarily in typescript, so you will need to download typescript in order to edit this project.

TypeScript can be found here.

It is highly recommended to edit this project in Visual Studio Code, which has great support for typescript.

Visual Studio Code can be downloaded from here.

Feel free to contribute by sending pull requests, and submitting issues and suggestions.

Contributors of all skills are needed to complete a big project like this one. This project is particularly in need of:

  • developers
  • designers
  • sound engineers
  • composers
  • musicians
  • testers

Thank you to all who have donated their time to this project, you are an amazing gift to the music software open source community.

Michal Paszkiewicz
Just a guy who likes to make things @MichalYouDoing
Michal Paszkiewicz
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Compose music and write score easily in your browser!

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888 888 _ooooooooo._ 888 ,o888PP""""PP88

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