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This repository ("Code - OSS") is where we (Microsoft) develop the Visual Studio Code product together with the community. Not only do we work on code and issues here, we also publish our roadmap, monthly iteration plans, and our endgame plans. This source code is available to everyone under the standard MIT license.

Visual Studio Code

VS Code in action

Visual Studio Code is a distribution of the Code - OSS repository with Microsoft specific customizations released under a traditional Microsoft product license.

Visual Studio Code combines the simplicity of a code editor with what developers need for their core edit-build-debug cycle. It provides comprehensive code editing, navigation, and understanding support along with lightweight debugging, a rich extensibility model, and lightweight integration with existing tools.

Visual Studio Code is updated monthly with new features and bug fixes. You can download it for Windows, macOS, and Linux on Visual Studio Code's website. To get the latest releases every day, install the Insiders build.


There are many ways in which you can participate in the project, for example:

If you are interested in fixing issues and contributing directly to the code base, please see the document How to Contribute, which covers the following:


See our wiki for a description of each of these channels and information on some other available community-driven channels.

Related Projects

Many of the core components and extensions to VS Code live in their own repositories on GitHub. For example, the node debug adapter and the mono debug adapter have their own repositories. For a complete list, please visit the Related Projects page on our wiki.

Bundled Extensions

VS Code includes a set of built-in extensions located in the extensions folder, including grammars and snippets for many languages. Extensions that provide rich language support (code completion, Go to Definition) for a language have the suffix language-features. For example, the json extension provides coloring for JSON and the json-language-features provides rich language support for JSON.

Development Container

This repository includes a Visual Studio Code Remote - Containers / Codespaces development container.

  • For Remote - Containers, use the Remote-Containers: Open Repository in Container... command which creates a Docker volume for better disk I/O on macOS and Windows.
  • For Codespaces, install the Visual Studio Codespaces extension in VS Code, and use the Codespaces: Create New Codespace command.

Docker / the Codespace should have at least 4 Cores and 6 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended) to run full build. See the development container README for more information.

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact [email protected] with any additional questions or comments.


Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT license.

  • Some of the getting started completionEvents are inconsistent

    Some of the getting started completionEvents are inconsistent


    For consistency, it seems like all of the events should start with on:


    opened by alexr00 0
  • Git does not recognise the right version

    Git does not recognise the right version

    Issue Type: Bug

    I am connected to my docker container using Remote-Containers. The git version on my host machine is 2.31 and on the container ( node:14 ) is 2.11.

    When I try to stash my changes, I see the following error, because 2.11 does not support the "push" command.

    git stash push -m my-message usage: git stash list [] or: git stash show [] or: git stash drop [-q|--quiet] [] or: git stash ( pop | apply ) [--index] [-q|--quiet] [] or: git stash branch [] or: git stash [save [--patch] [-k|--[no-]keep-index] [-q|--quiet] [-u|--include-untracked] [-a|--all] []] or: git stash clear

    VS Code version: Code 1.56.2 (054a9295330880ed74ceaedda236253b4f39a335, 2021-05-12T17:44:30.902Z) OS version: Darwin x64 20.5.0 Remote OS version: Linux x64 4.14.232-176.381.amzn2.x86_64

    System Info

    |Item|Value| |---|---| |CPUs|Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8210Y CPU @ 1.60GHz (4 x 1600)| |GPU Status|2d_canvas: enabled
    gpu_compositing: enabled
    metal: disabled_off
    multiple_raster_threads: enabled_on
    oop_rasterization: enabled
    opengl: enabled_on
    rasterization: enabled
    skia_renderer: disabled_off_ok
    video_decode: enabled
    webgl: enabled
    webgl2: enabled| |Load (avg)|2, 2, 2| |Memory (System)|16.00GB (0.36GB free)| |Process Argv|.| |Screen Reader|no| |VM|0%|

    |Item|Value| |---|---| |Remote|Container sha256:54b8e50e61c66f503ac280c78973b8ea89fd4ad6370a95261bcbc3935c916a7b (/nk-dev-conn_pm2_1) @ aws-docker| |OS|Linux x64 4.14.232-176.381.amzn2.x86_64| |CPUs|AMD EPYC 7571 (4 x 2199)| |Memory (System)|15.53GB (5.01GB free)| |VM|0%|

    Extensions (15)

    Extension|Author (truncated)|Version ---|---|--- remote-containers|ms-|0.177.2 remote-ssh|ms-|0.65.4 remote-ssh-edit|ms-|0.65.6 vscode-openapi|42C|4.5.2 atlascode|atl|2.8.6 npm-intellisense|chr|1.3.1 regex|chr|0.4.0 vscode-eslint|dba|2.1.20 gitlens|eam|11.4.1 vscode-npm-script|eg2|0.3.21 bash-ide-vscode|mad|1.11.0 mongodb-vscode|mon|0.5.0 compare-folders|mos|0.22.1 vscode-yaml|red|0.19.2 vscodeintellicode|Vis|1.2.14

    opened by navneetkarnani 1
  • Getting Started's

    Getting Started's "Start" section is missing spaces in the command tooltips


    All of the links in the start section hat have a command + keybinding association are missing a space before the "("


    opened by alexr00 0
  • Why is there a

    Why is there a "Help: Welcome" when we have this great new "Help: Getting Started" command?

    I was testing, and my first reaction was to run the "Help: Welcome" command, which shoes the old welcome UI. Is the new Getting Started page ready for prime time? If so, we should delete the old "Help: Welcome" command or at least make it show the Getting Started page.

    opened by alexr00 0
  • Adds accept action to inline suggestion hover

    Adds accept action to inline suggestion hover

    This PR fixes #125472

    opened by hediet 0
  • Clicking on rating icon doesn't open Rating & Review section on Marketplace

    Clicking on rating icon doesn't open Rating & Review section on Marketplace

    Screenshot (26)

    Goes to:

    Rating & Review opens at

    opened by usernamehw 1
  • Terminal sticks to sidebar

    Terminal sticks to sidebar

    Does this issue occur when all extensions are disabled?: Yes

    • VS Code Version: 1.57.0-insider (user setup)
    • OS Version: Windows 10

    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Open side bar (Ctrl + B by default)
    2. Open terminal (Ctrl + ` by default)
    3. Set the terminal panel to right (right click on terminal -> select 'Move Panel Right')
    4. Resize the terminal - drag it completely to left so that only the side bar and terminal occupy the screen
    5. Release the left mouse button
    6. Now try to drag the terminal to right again
    7. Terminal still sticks to the sidebar and hence not revealing the code area
    opened by Akshaykoushik06 0
  • Renames

    Renames "Inline Completion" to "Inline Suggestion". Removes Ghost Text Expanded Setting (default true)

    This PR fixes #125034 and #125037.

    These are the changes:

    Command Ids

    • commitInlineCompletion -> editor.action.inlineSuggest.commit
    • hideInlineCompletion -> editor.action.inlineSuggest.hide
    • editor.action.showNextInlineCompletion -> editor.action.inlineSuggest.showNext
    • editor.action.showPreviousInlineCompletion -> editor.action.inlineSuggest.showPrevious
    • editor.action.triggerInlineCompletions -> editor.action.inlineSuggest.trigger

    Context Keys

    • inlineCompletionsVisible -> inlineSuggestionVisible
    • inlineCompletionSuggestsIndentation -> inlineSuggestionHasIndentation

    Menu Contribution Points

    (No Changes)


    • editor.suggest.showInlineCompletions -> editor.inlineSuggest.enabled
    • editor.suggest.showSuggestionPreview -> editor.suggest.preview
    • editor.suggest.ghostTextExpanded -> (None this release, is fixed to true)
    opened by hediet 0
  • Search editor isRegex argument

    Search editor isRegex argument

    | Command id | Regular expression flag | | ------------- |-------------| | workbench.action.findInFiles | isRegex | | search.action.openNewEditor | isRegexp |

    They should use the same name.

    opened by usernamehw 1
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