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Found a security issue? Please disclose it responsibly. We have a team of developers listening to [email protected]. The PGP fingerprint is AB0D AB02 0FC5 D398 03AB 3CE1 6F70 243F 27AD 886A.

  • [WIP] OpenID Connect

    [WIP] OpenID Connect

    Please refer to #6182 to follow the current going on work.

    opened by ghost 221
  • New single post view

    New single post view

    This is about this bug: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/3741

    I implemented most of the proposal here. As you can see, it is based on https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/pull/4390, as I require the header changes anyway.

    The implementation is pretty straightforward and tries to reuse as much from other components/views as possible, so this has a working lightbox, oembed etc. Please take a look at it and comment on questionable/wrong/erroneous parts.

    My placement of the css code is probably not quite right, I don't really understand the SCSS structure and would appreciate it if someone could take a look at it.

    Specs still run after small changes.

    Things that are missing or have to reworked:

    • Vestiges of the old SPV have to be removed.
    • CSS for oEmbed videos needs to be adjusted.
    • Micro pictures of commented users are not unique, so a user that does three comments will appear three times. I don't know if this should be changed or not.
    • Probably more specs should be written, but I'm not that familiar with jasmine. Maybe someone else can take a look at it or point me in the right directions.
    • Comments/Posts can not be removed.
    • The post always displays, nsfw or not.
    • The vertical line between post content and interactions is only as high as the post content div. This needs some css hacking.
    • Hovercards don't work quite right.

    Having said that, it is already much nicer to use than the old SPV. Please review, so we can get it merged soon.

    Here are some images that show the current look. spv3 spv2 spv1

    opened by rogerbraun 200
  • Textual Chat based on XMPP

    Textual Chat based on XMPP


    opened by vcuculo 166
  • Adding bootstrap-markdown editor

    Adding bootstrap-markdown editor

    Adding Bootstrap Markdown editor to publisher.

    • [x] preview rendering with markdown-it
    • [x] render location
    • [x] render poll
    • [x] render photos
    • [x] jasmine test
    • [x] fix cukes
    • [x] localization
    • [x] UT for MarkdownEditor
    opened by ghost 128
  • Redesign profile page and port to Bootstrap

    Redesign profile page and port to Bootstrap

    to do:

    • [x] profile sidebar
    • [x] mention facebox
    • [x] /people/guid/contacts
    • [x] adapt tests

    This PR fixes

    • #5223
    • #4722
    • #4658 and #4947 by removing profile pictures from the profile
    • #5249 by removing _profile_sidebar.html.haml
    • #4745

    people view

    opened by svbergerem 112
  • [Feature] XMPP javascript client plus ruby (vines) server

    [Feature] XMPP javascript client plus ruby (vines) server

    Open :

    • [x] ~~mixed content; writing reverse proxy for rails application?!~~ using webserver as proxy solves it
    • [x] login with user credentials from external (authentication works; something else broken?!)
    • [x] pod federation (was not tested yet)
    • [x] move vines configuration to diaspora.yml
    • [x] make jsxc text translatable
    • [x] history / offline messages (see diaspora/vines#19)
    • [x] write huge amount of tests (see vines tests)

    (to be extended)

    I as a Pod Maintainer, what do I have to configure to make that work?

    • Apply the patch
    • If you are using ssl
      • Apache: https://gist.github.com/Zauberstuhl/2d09330961614b12b642
      • Nginx: https://gist.github.com/Zauberstuhl/ee95e1eacefa6ddbec6e (no tested)
      • un-comment the bosh server variable "bosh_url" in diaspora.yml
    • Restart diaspora

    That was the magic!

    Your XMPP server sucks! I have my own already running!

    • Set "server" variable to false in diaspora.yml under chat section
    • Follow the web-server configuration above
    • Make sure the bosh url in diaspora.yml and of your xmpp server are the same
    • Restart diaspora

    How can I add user/friends to my contact list?!

    Diaspora has standards like XMPP presence:

    • both parties are not sharing with each other (equals XMPP 'none')
    • you are sharing with the contact but your contact doesn't (equals XMPP 'to')
    • the contact is sharing with you but you doesn't (equals XMPP 'from')
    • you and your contact are sharing with each other (equals XMPP 'both')

    Jappix is only displaying "online" contacts and you can see the presence of the contact if you and your contact are sharing (XMPP 'both')!

    ~~Everything written under lib/vines* was forked from https://github.com/negativecode/vines except for lib/vines/storage/diaspora.rb and some minor tweaks on the configuration process~~ We moved the xmpp server to a extra location.

    opened by Zauberstuhl 88
  • Sidekiq or sidekiq-cron is bloating memory

    Sidekiq or sidekiq-cron is bloating memory

    I open an issue to be able to set this as a blocker for 0.6. This is a regression since we replaced sidetiq by sidekiq-cron and bumped sidekiq from 3 to 4, not sure which action caused it.

    See the original discussion on the pull request

    🐞 bug 😲 regression 🕵 needs more info help wanted 
    opened by Flaburgan 88
  • [WIP] Port of header to bootstrap

    [WIP] Port of header to bootstrap

    Problems remaining:

    • [x] Hovercard are not created in in the dropdown.
    • [x] The tooltip is broken, probably CSS.
    • [x] The "Mark all as read" link is still clickable after having been disabled.
    • [x] The badge style must be improved.
    😴 orphan 
    opened by ghost 85
  • Port to Bootstrap 3

    Port to Bootstrap 3

    This is the continuation for #6002

    I'm not going to work on this personally, instead it will be used to track progress towards merging this to develop. Please see #6002 for the details. To contribute to this please send pull requests against the bootstrap3 branch.

    Remaining issues:

    🎨 ui ✨ feature newcomer ♻️ code refactor bootstrap 
    opened by jhass 72
  • REST API for Diaspora

    REST API for Diaspora

    Hi all,

    This PR follows the discussion from the #6289 issue.

    I wanted to help @KentShikama in his work on the Diaspora API by coding controllers for conversations. So I took his api branch of Diaspora which proposes controllers for:

    • Posts
    • Comments
    • Streams
    • Likes

    Then I added three controllers for:

    • Conversations
    • Conversation messages
    • Conversation visibilities

    For that I mimicked the original converation controllers. I hope they have the expected behaviour.

    Hackathon 2019 
    opened by frankrousseau 72
  • Support for the `text` property of the `photo` entity on the frontend

    Support for the `text` property of the `photo` entity on the frontend

    The protocol does support a text property for the photo entity: https://diaspora.github.io/diaspora_federation/entities/photo.html

    To improve the accessibility it would be good if the frontend would add support for it. By now there doesn't seem to be a possibility to add a text when uploaded a photo. If not done, of course also the processing and displaying of this alternate text should be supported.

    🎨 ui ✨ feature 💄 needs ui/ux 
    opened by annando 0
  • Migration: options to choose which profile data are imported

    Migration: options to choose which profile data are imported

    During my last test, I set some profile information (bio, location, gender, birthday) in the new account before migrating to see if this was over-written. It wasn’t, but then again there was no information in the account I transferred. I’d have to test it again with an account with some information in it to check what happens.

    Ideally there would be options to select which profile information was imported. This could be done via a pop-up list. Under ‘Your profile (name, bio, birthday, gender, etc.) will be updated from the imported account’ there could be a link ‘Choose which elements are imported’. Click this and a list with check-boxes appears:

    • avatar
    • bio
    • location
    • [etc]

    It would be good to have the option, because not every import will be into a newly created account. Also, if someone migrated their main diaspora account and then remembered another older account they also wanted to merge, the old profile data from that account would (I think) overwrite the current info from the main account. So having the option which if any of this info to import would be useful.

    🚚 migration 
    opened by goobertron 0
  • Migration: Give options to choose which contacts are migrated

    Migration: Give options to choose which contacts are migrated

    One thing I would like as part of a migration feature is the ability to be able to decide which contacts are migrated. Obviously with people I am sharing with, I can unshare before migrating. But it is harder with people who are sharing with me but with whom I’m not sharing. One reason for someone to migrate is to escape stalking or other harassment, so some means of doing this would be good. Again, probably outside the scope of this particular PR, but I mention it here so it’s at least in the discussion.

    Since writing this, I've noticed in a second test that the 'only sharing with me' contact on that account was not transferred. I don’t know whether or not this is intentional. I had ‘ignored’ that account before exporting my data, so it might be that this makes a difference to whether or not the contact is imported. I am happy in my personal case for ‘only sharing with me’ contacts not to be transferred, as I have no interest in having followers, but for some people, who post a lot publicly and/or use diaspora like a blog, it would be a big disincentive to migrate if they would lose all their followers in the process.

    🚚 migration 
    opened by goobertron 0
  • Migration: screen name and avatar are not migrated

    Migration: screen name and avatar are not migrated

    When I did a test migration a few days ago (see here), the screen name and avatar I had set were not migrated. I don’t know whether or not this is intentional.

    🚚 migration 
    opened by goobertron 0
  • Migration: improve success notice

    Migration: improve success notice

    The UX when the migration is set in motion could be more clear – at the moment there’s just a ‘flash’ message that’s on screen for moments and could easily be overlooked. Perhaps the migration pane could change to a message something like ‘Your data and images are now being migrated to this account. This can take a few minutes. We will contact you when the process is complete.’

    🚚 migration 
    opened by goobertron 0
  • Disable email notifications if user's address is not valid

    Disable email notifications if user's address is not valid

    If the email address entered by a user proves to be invalid ('no such address' error), it would be worth disabling email notifications for that account from then on, until the user provides a new email address.

    opened by goobertron 2
  • Notify User when profile migration has finished

    Notify User when profile migration has finished

    A migration can take a bit of time. In the meantime a user can still 'work' on the pod. A notification should be send to inform that the migration of a) profile and b) photos are finished.

    This can be done by mail, by a notification or something else.

    🚚 migration 
    opened by tclaus 2
  • diaspora should send AccountMigration message back when a federation …

    diaspora should send AccountMigration message back when a federation …

    …message received for a moved account From Issue #7902

    I use Senya's Patch for this

    🚚 migration 
    opened by tclaus 0
  • ensure ./log folder exists

    ensure ./log folder exists

    The log folder is not kept in this repo. A new user must manual create this for the first successful run. Lets help newcomers.

    opened by tclaus 5
  • Remove deprecated gem devise_lastseenable & Add devise_last_seen

    Remove deprecated gem devise_lastseenable & Add devise_last_seen

    Closes #4807


    As @tclaus mentioned, the default interval time is still 5 minutes as the old implementation, but now is configurable by devise's setup initializer.

    @jhass feel to free to checkout the https://github.com/brunoocasali/devise_last_seen gem ;)

    🧩 dependencies 
    opened by brunoocasali 1
  • v0.7.15.0(Apr 18, 2021)


    • Replaced some http:// links in the UI with their https:// counterparts #8207
    • Testing: Replaced phantomjs with headless Chrome/Chromium #8234

    Bug fixes

    • Update comment counter when deleting a comment in the Single Post View #7938
    • Link diaspora only poduptime list #8174
    • Delete a user's invitation code during account deletion #8202
    • Bump mimemagic #8231
    • Removed support for defunct Uni Heidelberg OSM tile server, Mapbox is now required if you want to show maps #8215
    • Render only two fractional digits in the posts per user/day admin statistics #8227
    • Make aspect dropdowns scrollable #8213
    • Fix Photo#ownserhip_of_status_message validation #8214


    • Support and recommend TOML as configuration format #8132
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.14.0(Jun 14, 2020)


    • Update the suggested Ruby version to 2.6. If you run into trouble during the update and you followed our installation guides, run rvm install 2.6. #7929

    Bug fixes

    • Don't link to deleted users in admin user stats #8063
    • Properly validate a profile's gender field length instead of failing with a database error. #8127
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.13.0(Feb 11, 2020)


    • Fixes USN-4274-1, a potential Denial-of-Service vulnerability in Nokogiri. #8108


    • Set better example values for unicorn stdout/stderr log settings #8058
    • Replace dependency on rails-assets.org with custom gems cache at gems.diasporafoundation.org #8087

    Bug fixes

    • Fix error while trying to fetch some sites with invalid OpenGraph data #8049
    • Don't show sign up link on mobile when registrations are disabled #8060


    • Add cronjob to cleanup pending photos which were never posted #8041
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.12.0(Jun 24, 2019)


    • Harmonize markdown titles sizes #8029

    Bug fixes

    • Improve handling of mixed case hostnames while fetching OpenGraph data #8021
    • Fix "remember me" with two factor authentication enabled #8031


    • Add line mentioning diaspora* on the splash page #7966
    • Improve communication about signing up on closed pods #7896
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.11.0(May 13, 2019)


    • Enable paranoid mode for devise #8003
    • Refactor likes cucumber test #8002

    Bug fixes

    • Fix old photos without remote url for export #8012


    • Add a manifest.json file as a first step to make diaspora* a Progressive Web App #7998
    • Allow web+diaspora:// links to link to a profile with only the diaspora ID #8000
    • Support TOTP two factor authentication #7751
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.10.0(Feb 25, 2019)

  • v0.7.9.0(Jan 13, 2019)


    • Improve public stream performance and cleanup unused indexes #7944
    • Improve wording of "Toggle mobile" #7926

    Bug fixes

    • Do not autofollow back a user you are ignoring #7913
    • Fix photos gallery when too many thumbnails are shown #7943
    • Fix extended profile visibility switch showing the wrong state #7955


    • Support ignore users on mobile #7884
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.8.0(Nov 25, 2018)


    • Make setting up a development environment 9001% easier by adding a Docker-based setup #7870
    • Improve web+diaspora:// handler description #7909
    • Move comment timestamp next to author name #7905
    • Sharpen small and medium thumbnails #7924
    • Show full-res image in Desktop's full-screen image view #7890

    Bug fixes

    • Ignore invalid URLs for camo #7922
    • Unliking a post did not update the participation icon without a reload #7882
    • Fix broken Instagram embedding #7920


    • Add the ability to assign roles in the admin panel #7868
    • Improve memory usage with libjemalloc if available #7919
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.7.1(Nov 8, 2018)

  • v0.7.7.0(Oct 14, 2018)


    • Remove mention of deprecated statistic.json #7867
    • Add quotes in database.yml.example to fields that may contain special characters #7875
    • Removed broken, and thus deprecated, Facebook integration #7874

    Bug fixes

    • Add compatibility with macOS to script/configure_bundler #7830
    • Fix comment and like notifications on posts without text #7857 #7853
    • Fix issue with some language fallbacks not working correctly #7861
    • Make sure URLs are encoded before sending them to camo #7871


    • Add web+diaspora:// link handler #7826
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.6.0(Jun 26, 2018)


    • Add unique index to poll participations on poll_id and author_id #7798
    • Add 'completed at' date to account migrations #7805
    • Handle duplicates for TagFollowing on account merging #7807
    • Add link to the pod in the email footer #7814

    Bug fixes

    • Fix compatibility with newer glibc versions #7828
    • Allow fonts to be served from asset host in CSP #7825


    • Support fetching StatusMessage by Poll GUID #7815
    • Always include link to diaspora in facebook cross-posts #7774
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.5.0(Apr 30, 2018)


    • Remove the 'make contacts in this aspect visible to each other' option #7769
    • Remove the requirement to have at least two users to disable the /podmin redirect #7783
    • Randomize start times of daily Sidekiq-Cron jobs #7787

    Bug fixes

    • Prefill conversation form on contacts page only with mutual contacts #7744
    • Fix profiles sometimes not loading properly in background tabs #7740
    • Show error message when creating posts with invalid aspects #7742
    • Fix mention syntax backport for two immediately consecutive mentions #7777
    • Fix link to 'make yourself an admin' #7783
    • Fix calculation of content lengths when cross-posting to twitter #7791


    • Make public stream accessible for logged out users #7775
    • Add account-merging support when receiving an account migration #7803
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.4.1(Apr 9, 2018)

  • v0.7.4.0(Mar 18, 2018)


    • Don't print a warning when starting the server outside a Git repo #7712
    • Make script/server work on readonly filesystems #7719
    • Add camo paths to the robots.txt #7726

    Bug fixes

    • Prevent duplicate mention notifications when the post is received twice #7721
    • Fixed a compatiblitiy issue with non-diaspora* webfingers #7718
    • Don't retry federation for accounts without a valid public key #7717
    • Fix stream generation for tagged posts with many followed tags #7715
    • Fix incomplete Occitan date localizations #7731


    • Add basic html5 audio/video embedding support #6418
    • Add the back-to-top button to all pages #7729
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.3.1(Feb 8, 2018)

  • v0.7.3.0(Feb 8, 2018)


    • Work on the data downloads: Fixed general layout of buttons, added a timestamp and implemented auto-deletion of old exports #7684
    • Increase Twitter character limit to 280 #7694
    • Improve password autocomplete with password managers #7642
    • Remove the limit of participants in private conversations #7705
    • Send blocks to the blocked persons pod for better UX #7705
    • Send a dummy participation on all incoming public posts to increase interaction consistency #7708

    Bug fixes

    • Fix invite link on the contacts page when the user has no contacts #7690
    • Fix the mobile bookmarklet when called without parameters #7698
    • Properly build the #newhere message for people who got invited #7702
    • Fix the admin report view for posts without text #7706
    • Upgrade Nokogiri to fix a disclosed vulnerability in libxml2


    • Check if redis is running in script/server #7685
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.2.1(Jan 12, 2018)

  • v0.7.2.0(Dec 25, 2017)

  • v0.7.1.1(Oct 31, 2017)

  • v0.7.1.0(Oct 20, 2017)

    Ensure account deletions are run

    There were some issues causing accounts deletions to not properly perform in some cases, see #7631 and #7639. To ensure these are reexecuted properly, please run RAILS_ENV=production bin/rake migrations:run_account_deletions after you've upgraded.


    • Remove title from profile photo upload button #7551
    • Remove Internet Explorer workarounds #7557
    • Sort notifications by last interaction #7568 #7648
    • Remove tiff support from photos #7576
    • Remove reference from reshares when original post is deleted #7578
    • Merge migrations from before to CreateSchema #7580
    • Remove auto detection of languages with highlightjs #7591
    • Move enable/disable notification icon #7592
    • Use Bootstrap 3 progress-bar for polls #7600
    • Enable frozen string literals #7595
    • Remove rails_admin_histories table #7597
    • Optimize memory usage on profile export #7627
    • Limit the number of parallel exports #7629
    • Reduce memory usage for account deletion #7639

    Bug fixes

    • Fix displaying polls with long answers #7579
    • Fix S3 support #7566
    • Fix mixed username and timestamp with LTR/RTL scripts #7575
    • Prevent users from zooming in IE Mobile #7589
    • Fix recipient prefill on contacts and profile page #7599
    • Display likes and reshares without login #7583
    • Fix invalid data in the database for user data export #7614
    • Fix local migration run without old private key #7558
    • Fix export not downloadable because the filename was resetted on access #7622
    • Delete invalid oEmbed caches with binary titles #7620
    • Delete invalid diaspora IDs from friendica #7630
    • Cleanup relayables where the signature is missing #7637
    • Avoid page to jump to top after a post deletion #7638
    • Handle duplicate account deletions #7639
    • Handle duplicate account migrations #7641
    • Handle bugs related to missing users #7632
    • Cleanup empty signatures #7644


    • Ask for confirmation when leaving a submittable comment field #7530
    • Show users vote in polls #7550
    • Add explanation of ignore function to in-app help section #7585
    • Add camo information to NodeInfo #7617
    • Add support for diaspora:// links #7625
    • Add support to relay likes for comments #7625
    • Implement RFC 7033 WebFinger #7625
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.7.0.1(Sep 19, 2017)

  • v0.7.0.0(Aug 19, 2017)

    Supported Ruby versions

    This release recommends using Ruby 2.4, while retaining Ruby 2.3 as an officially supported version. Ruby 2.1 is no longer officially supported.

    Delete public/.well-known/

    Before upgrading, please check if your public/ folder contains a hidden .well-known/ folder. If so, please delete it since it will prevent the federation from working properly.


    • Make the mention syntax more flexible #7305
    • Display @ before mentions #7324
    • Simplify mentions in the publisher #7302
    • Remove chartbeat and mixpanel support #7280
    • Upgrade to jQuery 3 #7303
    • Add i18n for color themes #7369
    • Remove deprecated statistics.json #7399
    • Always link comment count text on mobile #7483
    • Switch to new federation protocol #7436
    • Send public profiles publicly #7501
    • Change sender for mails #7495
    • Move back to top to the right to avoid misclicks #7516
    • Include count in mobile post action link #7520
    • Update the user data export archive format #6726
    • Use id as fallback when sorting posts #7523
    • Remove no-posts-info when adding posts to the stream #7523
    • Upgrade to rails 5.1 #7514
    • Refactoring single post view interactions #7182
    • Update help pages #7528
    • Disable rendering logging in production #7529
    • Add some missing indexes and cleanup the database if needed #7533
    • Remove avatar, name, timestamp and interactions from publisher preview #7536

    Bug fixes

    • Fix height too high on mobile SPV #7480
    • Improve stream when ignoring a person who posts a lot of tagged posts #7503
    • Fix order of comments across pods #7436
    • Prevent publisher from closing in preview mode #7518
    • Increase reshare counter after reshare on mobile #7520
    • Reset stuck exports and handle errors #7535


    • Add support for mentions in comments to the backend #6818
    • Add support for new mention syntax #7300 #7394
    • Render mentions as links in comments #7327
    • Add support for mentions in comments to the front-end #7386
    • Support direct links to comments on mobile #7508
    • Add inviter first and last name in the invitation e-mail #7484
    • Add markdown editor for comments and conversations #7482
    • Improve responsive header in desktop version #7509
    • Support cmd+enter to submit posts, comments and conversations #7524
    • Add markdown editor for posts, comments and conversations on mobile #7235
    • Mark as "Mobile Web App Capable" on Android #7534
    • Add support for receiving account migrations #6750
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.6.7.0(Jul 11, 2017)


    • Cleanup some translations #7465


    • Change email without confirmation when mail is disabled #7455
    • Warn users if they leave the profile editing page with unsaved changes #7473
    • Add admin pages to the mobile interface #7295
    • Add links to discourse to footer and sidebar #7446
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.6.6.0(May 28, 2017)


    • Remove rails_admin #7440
    • Use guid instead of id at permalink and in SPV #7453

    Bug fixes

    • Make photo upload button hover text translatable #7429
    • Fix first comment in mobile view with french locale #7441
    • Use post page title and post author in atom feed #7420
    • Handle broken public keys when receiving posts #7448
    • Fix welcome message when podmin is set to an invalid username #7452


    • Add support for Nodeinfo 2.0 #7447
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.6.5.0(Apr 18, 2017)


    • Remove unused setPreload function #7354
    • Remove jQuery deprecations #7356
    • Use empty selector where "#" was used as a selector before (prepare jQuery 3 upgrade) #7372
    • Increase maximal height of large thumbnail on mobile #7383
    • Reduce conversation recipient size #7376
    • Cleanup rtl css #7374
    • Increase visual spacing between list items #7401
    • Remove unused gem and cucumber step #7410
    • Disable CSP header when report_only and no report_uri is set #7367

    Bug fixes

    • Don't hide posts when blocking someone from the profile #7379
    • Disable autocomplete for the conversation form recipient input #7375
    • Fix sharing indicator on profile page for blocked users #7382
    • Remove post only after a successful deletion on the server #7385
    • Fix an issue where pod admins could get logged out when using sidekiq-web #7395
    • Add avatar fallback for typeahead and conversations #7414


    • Add links to liked and commented pages #5502
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.6.4.1(Mar 29, 2017)

  • v0.6.4.0(Mar 11, 2017)


    • Unify link colors #7318
    • Increase time to wait before showing the hovercard #7319
    • Remove some unused color-theme overrides #7325
    • Change color of author-name on hover #7326
    • Add like and reshare services #7337

    Bug fixes

    • Fix path to bundle in script/server #7281
    • Update comment in database example config #7282
    • Make the #newhere post public again #7311
    • Remove whitespace from author link #7330
    • Fix autosize in modals #7339
    • Only display invite link on contacts page if invitations are enabled #7342
    • Fix regex for hashtags for some languages #7350
    • Create asterisk.png without digest after precompile #7322


    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.6.3.0(Jan 22, 2017)


    • Increase the spacing above and below post contents #7267
    • Replace fileuploader-custom with FineUploader #7083
    • Always show mobile reaction counts #7207
    • Refactor mobile alerts for error responses #7227
    • Switch content and given reason in the reports overview #7180

    Bug fixes

    • Fix background color of year on notifications page with dark theme #7263
    • Fix jasmine tests in firefox #7246
    • Prevent scroll to top when clicking 'mark all as read' in the notification dropdown #7253
    • Update existing notifications in dropdown on fetch #7270
    • Fix link to post on mobile photo page #7274
    • Fix some background issues on dark mobile themes #7278


    • Add links to the aspects and followed tags pages on mobile #7265
    • diaspora* is now available in Gàidhlig, Occitan, and Schwiizerdütsch
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.6.2.0(Dec 13, 2016)


    • Use string-direction gem for rtl detection #7181
    • Reduce i18n.load side effects #7184
    • Force jasmine fails on syntax errors #7185
    • Don't display mail-related view content if it is disabled in the pod's config #7190
    • Use typeahead.js from rails-assets.org #7192
    • Refactor ShareVisibilitesController to use PostService #7196
    • Unify desktop and mobile head elements #7194 #7209
    • Refactor flash messages on ajax errors for comments, likes, reshares and aspect memberships #7202
    • Only require AWS-module for fog #7201
    • Only show community spotlight links on the contacts page if community spotlight is enabled #7213
    • Require spec_helper in .rspec #7223
    • Make the CSRF mail a bit more friendly #7238 #7241

    Bug fixes

    • Fix fetching comments after fetching likes #7167
    • Hide 'reshare' button on already reshared posts #7169
    • Only reload profile header when changing aspect memberships #7183
    • Fix visiblity on invitation modal when opening it from the stream #7191
    • Add avatar fallback on tags page #7198
    • Update notifications when changing the stream #7199
    • Fix 500 on mobile commented and liked streams #7219


    • Show spinner when loading comments in the stream #7170
    • Add a dark color theme #7152
    • Added setting for custom changelog URL #7166
    • Show more information of recipients on conversation creation #7129
    • Update notifications every 5 minutes and when opening the notification dropdown #6952
    • Show browser notifications when receiving new unread notifications #6952
    • Only clear comment textarea when comment submission was successful #7186
    • Add support for graceful unicorn restarts #7217
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • v0.6.1.0(Nov 2, 2016)

    Note: Although this is a minor release, the configuration file changed because the old Mapbox implementation is no longer valid, and the current implementation requires additional fields. Chances are high that if you're using the old integration, it will be broken anyway. If you do use Mapbox, please check out the diaspora.yml.example for new parameters.


    • Indicate proper way to report bugs in the sidebar #7039
    • Remove text color from notification mails and fix sender avatar #7054
    • Make the session cookies HttpOnly again #7041
    • Invalidate sessions with invalid CSRF tokens #7050
    • Liking a post will no longer update its interacted timestamp #7030
    • Improve W3C compliance #7068 #7082 #7091 #7092
    • Load jQuery in the head on mobile #7086
    • Use translation for NodeInfo services #7102
    • Adopt new Mapbox tile URIs #7066
    • Refactored post interactions on the single post view #7089
    • Extract inline JavaScript #7113
    • Port conversations inbox to backbone.js #7108
    • Refactored stream shortcuts for more flexibility #7127
    • Link to admin dashboard instead of admin panel from the podmin landing page #7130

    Bug fixes

    • Post comments no longer get collapsed when interacting with a post #7040
    • Closed accounts will no longer show up in the account search #7042
    • Code blocks in conversations no longer overflow the content #7055
    • More buttons in mobile streams are fixed #7036
    • Fixed missing sidebar background in the contacts tab #7064
    • Fix tags URLs in hovercards #7075
    • Fix 500 in html requests for post interactions #7085
    • Remove whitespaces next to like link in stream #7088
    • Prevent overflow of interaction avatars in the single post view #7070
    • Fix moving publisher on first click after page load #7094
    • Fix link to comment on report page #7105
    • Fix duplicate flash message on mobile profile edit #7107
    • Clicking photos on mobile should no longer cause 404s #7071
    • Fix avatar size on mobile privacy page for ignored people #7148
    • Don't display tag following button when logged out #7155
    • Fix message modal on profile page #7137
    • Display error message when aspect membership changes fail #7132
    • Avoid the creation of pod that are none #7145
    • Fixed tag pages with alternate default aspect settings #7262
    • Suppressed CSP related deprecation warnings #7263


    • Deleted comments will be removed when loading more comments #7045
    • The "subscribe" indicator on a post now gets toggled when you like or rehsare a post #7040
    • Add OpenGraph video support #7043
    • You'll now get redirected to the invites page if you follow an invitation but you're already logged in #7061
    • Add support for setting BOSH access protocol via chat configuration #7100
    • Add number of unreviewed reports to admin dashboard and admin sidebar #7109
    • Don't federate to pods that have been offline for an extended period of time #7120
    • Add In-Reply-To and References headers to notification mails #7122
    • Directly link to a comment in commented notification mails #7124
    • Add optional Content-Security-Policy header #7128
    • Add links to main stream and public stream to the mobile drawer #7144
    • Allow opening search results from the dropdown in a new tab #7021
    • Add user setting for default post visibility #7118
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
A black hole for Internet advertisements

Network-wide ad blocking via your own Linux hardware The Pi-hole® is a DNS sinkhole that protects your devices from unwanted content, without installi

Pi-hole 32.5k Sep 17, 2021
Open source back-end server for web, mobile and IoT. The backend for busy developers. (self-hosted or hosted)

A scalable, multitenant backend for the cloud. Para is a scalable, multitenant backend server/framework for object persistence and retrieval. It helps

Erudika 408 Sep 20, 2021
Multi-platform app that allows your devices to communicate

KDE Connect - desktop app KDE Connect is a multi-platform app that allows your devices to communicate (eg: your phone and your computer). (Some) Featu

KDE GitHub Mirror 1.2k Sep 15, 2021
Online genealogy

webtrees - online collaborative genealogy Contents License Coding styles and standards Introduction System requirements Internet browser compatibility

Greg Roach 582 Sep 15, 2021
🔥 Open source static (serverless) status page. Uses hyperfast Go & Hugo, minimal HTML/CSS/JS, customizable, outstanding browser support (IE8+), preloaded CMS, read-only API, badges & more.

Über fast, backwards compatible (IE8+), tiny, and simple status page built with Hugo. Completely free with Netlify. Comes with Netlify CMS, read-only

cState 1.4k Sep 17, 2021
Mycroft Core, the Mycroft Artificial Intelligence platform.

Mycroft Mycroft is a hackable open source voice assistant. Table of Contents Getting Started Running Mycroft Using Mycroft Home Device and Account Man

Mycroft 5.3k Sep 24, 2021
A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today!

A free and open source resume builder. Go to App What is this app all about? Reactive Resume is a free and open source resume builder that’s built to

Amruth Pillai 3k Sep 12, 2021
BleachBit system cleaner for Windows and Linux

BleachBit BleachBit cleans files to free disk space and to maintain privacy. Running from source To run BleachBit without installation, unpack the tar

null 1.3k Sep 16, 2021
Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player ( Windows / Mac / Linux ) A Butter-Project Fork

Popcorn Time A multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player. Visit the project's website at popcorntime.ap

Popcorn Software 6.3k Sep 15, 2021
🎧 Kaku is a highly integrated music player supports different online platform like YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and more. Available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Kaku Kaku is a highly integrated music player that supports different online platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and more. Available on Windows,

Chia-Lung Chen 1k Sep 20, 2021
Create your own Digital Currency with this self-hosted Web App. Check out the Demo website

PLEASE NOTE This is an early version of the final Web App. DEMO WEBSITE : https://tonken.glitch.me/ Digital-Currency Create your own private Self-Host

Florian 51 Sep 17, 2021
Phishing Campaign Toolkit

King Phisher Phishing Campaign Toolkit Installation For instructions on how to install, please see the INSTALL.md file. After installing, for instruct

RSM US LLP 1.5k Sep 16, 2021
retire your mouse.

keynav Control the mouse with the keyboard. Please see http://www.semicomplete.com/projects/keynav Compiling You may need some extra libraries to comp

Jordan Sissel 396 Sep 15, 2021
Linux Application Launcher

Master: Dev: Application Launcher for Linux ?? Ulauncher is a fast application launcher for Linux. It's is written in Python, using GTK+. App Search F

Ulauncher 2.2k Sep 14, 2021
STATUS: ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT ▶️ - Configure dark and deep aspects in your Ubuntu

ubunsys Gives the user a powerful control center to toggle on and off many system settings in Ubuntu, it is able to change system configurations, syst

Antonio David Gellida Lavara 75 Sep 14, 2021
A free & open tool for transcribing audio interviews

oTranscribe oTranscribe is a free web app designed to take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews. Pause (ESC), rewind (F1) and fast-forward

null 610 Sep 16, 2021
A web application featuring some handy password tools

A lightweight Javascript web application that allows users to test the strength of a password, how long it may take to crack as well as check to see i

apacketofsweets 22 Sep 3, 2021
Display and control your Android device

scrcpy (v1.17) Read in another language This application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB (or over TCP/IP). It does no

Genymobile 54.9k Sep 23, 2021
A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Use it as a: mailing list discussion forum long-form

Discourse 34.1k Sep 24, 2021