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Fulcrum is an application to provide a user story based backlog management system for agile development teams. See the project page for more details.

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Get involved

Fulcrum is still in early development, so now is the time to make your mark on the project.

There are several communication channels for Fulcrum:

See the Development section below for details on contributing to the project, and Translating for details on how to help translate Fulcrum into your native language.


Fulcrum is a clone of Pivotal Tracker. It will almost certainly never surpass the functionality, usability and sheer awesomeness of Pivotal Tracker, but aims to provide a usable alternative for users who require a Free and Open Source solution.


Fulcrum is still a work in progress, but if you're really keen to try it out these instructions will hopefully help you get up and running.

First up, your system will need the prerequisites for running Ruby on Rails installed

Once you have these:

# Checkout the project
$ git clone git://
$ cd fulcrum

# Install the project dependencies
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install

# Set up the development database
$ bundle exec rake fulcrum:setup db:setup

# Start the local web server
$ rails server

You should then be able to navigate to http://localhost:3000/ in a web browser. You can log in with the test username [email protected], password testpass.

Heroku setup

If you wish to host a publicly available copy of Fulcrum, the easiest option is to host it on Heroku.

To deploy it to Heroku, make sure you have a local copy of the project; refer to the previous section for instructions. Then:

$ gem install heroku

# Create your app. Replace APPNAME with whatever you want to name it.
$ heroku create APPNAME --stack cedar-14

# Set APP_HOST heroku config so outbound emails have a proper host
# Replace APPNAME below with the value from `heroku create`
$ heroku config:set

# Define where the user emails will be coming from
# (This email address does not need to exist)
$ heroku config:set [email protected]

# Tell Heroku to exclude parts of the Gemfile
$ heroku config:set BUNDLE_WITHOUT='development:test:travis:mysql:sqlite'

# Allow emails to be sent
$ heroku addons:add sendgrid:starter

# Deploy the first version
$ git push heroku master

# Set up the database
$ heroku run rake db:setup

Once that's done, you will be able to view your site at

Deploying to other platforms

Fulcrum can be deployed to any platform that can host Rails. Setting this up is beyond the scope of this document, but for the most part Fulcrum does not have any special operational requirements and can be deployed as a normal Rails application.

You will need to set up some custom configuration, to do this copy the file config/fulcrum.example.rb to config/fulcrum.rb and edit to your requirements, or ensure the relevant environment variables are set for the application as described in the file above.


Below is an example of how you might go about translating Fulcrum to German.

  • Find the name of your locale, in this case we are using de
  • Copy the config/locales/en.yml file to config/locales/de.yml
  • Edit the file and update all the translated strings in quotes on the right hand side.
  • Add your new locale to config.i18n.available_locales in config/application.rb
  • Run rake i18n:js:export to build the Javascript translations.

Thats it! Ideally you should send your translation as a pull request so you get credit for it, but if you do not wish to do this please send the file to one of the mailing lists.

If Fulcrum has already been translated for your language, please take the time to check the translation database is complete for your language. You can do this by running the rake i18n:missing_keys task. If you find any missing keys for your language please add them.


Fulcrum is currently welcoming contributions. If you'd like to help:

  • Check the issue queue for a list of the major features which are yet to be implemented. These have the feature and unstarted labels. If a feature you'd like to work on isn't there, add an issue.
  • Leave a description of how you are going to implement the feature. Failure to do this may lead to you implementing the feature in a way that might conflict with future plans for Fulcrum, and so increase the chances of your work being rejected or needing a rework.
  • If you'd like to discuss anything about the issue in greater detail with other developers, do so on the Fulcrum Developers mailing list.

Here are some general guidelines for contributing:

  • Make your changes on a branch, and use that branch as the base for pull requests.
  • Try to break changes up into the smallest logical blocks possible. We'd prefer to receive many small commits to one large one in a pull request.
  • Feel free to open unfinished pull requests if you'd like to discuss work in progress, or would like other developers to test it.
  • All patches changes be covered by tests, and should not break the existing tests, unless a current test is invalidated by a code change. This includes Javascript, which is covered with a Jasmine test suite in spec/javascripts/.
  • Run rake spec to check the Rails test suite is green. You will need Firefox with Selenium installed to run the integration tests.
  • To run the Javascript test suite, run rails server and point your browser to http://localhost:3000/specs or run rake spec:javascripts
  • For any UI changes, please try to follow the Tango theme guidelines.
  • The easiest way to test the impact of CSS or view changes is using the 'testcard' at http://localhost:3000/testcard. This is a fake project which exposes as many of the view states as possible on one page.


Fulcrum is built with the following Open Source technologies:


Copyright 2011-2015, Malcolm Locke.

Fulcrum is made available under the Affero GPL license version 3, see LICENSE.txt.

  • Integrate bootstrap CSS

    Integrate bootstrap CSS

    The main changes are :

    • Swapped the icons for the twitter icon set.
    • Used bootstrap buttons.
    • Re-jigged the forms to fit in with the bootstrap CSS form classes.
    • Restyled the devise views (bootstrap form) and added a devise layout.
    • Split the CSS into screen.css (the bare minimum to do layout) and skins/default.css (styling/coloring only).

    Some of the bootstrap stuff mixed in with the jscript might not be terribly semantic - it was a tossup between using bootstrap classes throughout, or using mixins in the CSS, which would have meant a lot of duplication in the compiled CSS and a pretty big size boost.

    The logo is from the twitter icon set - it's actually taken from the paid version of the icon set, which has larger sizes of the free icons, and I colored it myself, but is otherwise identical to the smaller free icon. The license doesn't forbid distribution as part of a project as far as I can tell as long as they're not 'resold' - may be worth getting clarification on this or removing it if you think it's dubious. All the other graphics are part of the free icon set distributed with bootstrap, with a bit of coloring added.

    opened by recurser 31
  • Missing English Translation

    Missing English Translation

    Hi, I am new to Ruby and Rails.

    Manage to setup Fulcrum locally and in Heroku. While the local fulcrum has no issues, the one deployed to Heroku has issue with english translation for labels. i.e. [missing "en.velocity" translation]

    Googled and only found one possible lead, Followed it, but the problem persist.

    Is there something I am missing?

    opened by chickensmitten 17
  • Gem: capybara-webkit update.

    Gem: capybara-webkit update.

    Due to bug in capybara-webkit:

    It can't be build on current versions of QT-dev available in modern linux distributions (Ubuntu 13.04 for me).

    Signed-off-by: Mikhail S. Pobolovets [email protected]

    opened by styx 16
  • More drag and drop problems

    More drag and drop problems

    It looks like issues are no longer being randomly reordered as in #196, but some issues just don't want to move: after a drag and drop, they appear exactly where they did before. Sometimes deleting the issue and recreating it fixes the problem; sometimes it does not. Help?

    opened by marnen 15
  • Tasks list

    Tasks list

    Adds tasks list for stories

    opened by qustavo 12
  • Small corrections in German translation

    Small corrections in German translation

    Some changes fix definite errors, some are just opinionated.

    opened by lsinger 9
  • Labels


    Issue #37. WIP It still needs some CSS work. Can you guys check it out.

    opened by bradleypriest 9
  • Dragging stories doesn't work in latest Google Chrome

    Dragging stories doesn't work in latest Google Chrome

    I'm using this Chrome: 19.0.1068.1 dev

    If I drag some story Story.changeState() is called twice and it goes back to the original position in the end.

    It doesn't happen on Firefox.

    opened by rosenfeld 9
  • Can not add new story

    Can not add new story

    Hello I just installed Fulcrum. I am really excited about it! Nice design and everything I need at the moment. I created new project just fine. Then tried to add new story and as I click Save button, buttons turns gray and nothing happens. Is this known issue or It's something at my end?

    Regards, Miha

    opened by mihaj 9
  • Unable to move stories around

    Unable to move stories around

    Perhaps I set this up wrong somehow but I have attempted to install Fulcrum a few times now over the last few months and everything works great except I cannot reliably move stories around, which is arguably the core feature of Fulcrum. Right now I am unable to move anything from the ice box to the back log using both Chrome and Firefox. Previously, I was able to move stories around but about 10% of the time, it would place the story at a different location than expected.

    opened by grjones 8
  • add iteration

    add iteration


    I have 19 iteration in Done column. It will be easier to navigate if the stories could be folded into the iteration title and could be expandable few or all (not like accordion where only one expandable, other hidden).

    opened by ameet20 0
  • Paginate the projects

    Paginate the projects

    It seems possible to paginate the projects in order to improve the performance

    opened by lelelelemon 0
  • Is project dead?

    Is project dead?

    I see last commit was on Aug 21, 2015

    opened by adis-io 7
  • Search stories by tags and content

    Search stories by tags and content

    This PR implements stories search by tags or content in description or title


    • All stories tagged with features: tags:features
    • All stories tagged with features and estimates simultaneously: tags:features,estimates
    • All stories containing the text able to: able to
    • All stories tagged with features and containing the text able to: tags:features able to
    opened by agu-z 0
  • Error on installation

    Error on installation

    Having error in the installation in mysql part.

    $ bundle install


    Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
        /usr/local/bin/ruby -r ./siteconf20151109-54654-nzncoz.rb extconf.rb
    checking for ruby/thread.h... yes
    checking for rb_thread_call_without_gvl() in ruby/thread.h... yes
    checking for rb_thread_blocking_region()... no
    checking for rb_wait_for_single_fd()... yes
    checking for rb_hash_dup()... yes
    checking for rb_intern3()... yes
    checking for mysql_query() in -lmysqlclient... no
    checking for main() in -lm... yes
    checking for mysql_query() in -lmysqlclient... no
    checking for main() in -lz... yes
    checking for mysql_query() in -lmysqlclient... no
    checking for main() in -lsocket... no
    checking for mysql_query() in -lmysqlclient... no
    checking for main() in -lnsl... yes
    checking for mysql_query() in -lmysqlclient... no
    checking for main() in -lmygcc... no
    checking for mysql_query() in -lmysqlclient... no
    *** extconf.rb failed ***
    Could not create Makefile due to some reason, probably lack of necessary
    libraries and/or headers.  Check the mkmf.log file for more details.  You may
    need configuration options.
    Provided configuration options:
    extconf failed, exit code 1
    Gem files will remain installed in /tmp/bundler20151109-54654-bqf86amysql2-0.3.18/gems/mysql2-0.3.18 for inspection.
    Results logged to /tmp/bundler20151109-54654-bqf86amysql2-0.3.18/extensions/x86_64-linux/2.2.0-static/mysql2-0.3.18/gem_make.out
    An error occurred while installing mysql2 (0.3.18), and Bundler cannot continue.
    Make sure that `gem install mysql2 -v '0.3.18'` succeeds before bundling.
    $ ruby -v
    ruby 2.2.3p173 (2015-08-18 revision 51636) [x86_64-linux]

    Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit.

    opened by geraldvillorente 3
  • Add Updating Tutorial

    Add Updating Tutorial

    Good Day, I think an improvement would be an updating tutorial.

    How is that done?

    opened by surfer190 0
  • Add attachment to note implemented

    Add attachment to note implemented

    opened by valerykalashnikov 1
  • Changes migration for devise 2, increases estimation points

    Changes migration for devise 2, increases estimation points

    Changed the migration as per devise 2. increased estimation time so anybody can estimate story for more hours like pivotal.

    opened by hitendrasingh 0
  • Feature/classic design

    Feature/classic design

    Opening this branch from @hakunin as a PR for discussion. We've had a few PRs with a rework of the design before but they have always been quite large and a bit too invasive. This one is nice and clean and looks pretty good to me.

    Need to do some extensive testing, probably rebase and would be good to get the /testcard working again.

    opened by malclocke 2
  • Classic design

    Classic design


    For those who like me want/need one-liner tasks, bringing classic design to fulcrum.

    If you want to help, check this branch:

    What is sub-optimal and could be improved:

    • [ ] the css could use a little cleanup
    • [ ] I used text for points bars to do rapid prototyping, it would be wiser to use images
    • [x] the header of the project needs some love
    • [ ] velocity is red when overriden, looks a bit weird..
    • [ ] Gritter's style got mangled, I'd rather remove it in favour of notices though
    • [ ] flash notices look a bit dated and don't fit with classic design
    • + add your own goals!
    opened by hakunin 12
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