All-In-One Digital Audio Workstation and Plugin Suite

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What is MusiKernel?

MusiKernel is an all-in-one DAW and suite of instrument & effect plugins, designed to be easy to install and use without the need for any 3rd party software. Simply install the package for your operating system, select your audio and MIDI hardware, and start making music.

How to Install

Linux, Windows

Download and install from here

Mac OS X

Follow the instructions here


See the build instructions below to compile from source

How to Build

Debian and Ubuntu
cd [musikernel dir]/src
./   # as root
make deps
make deb  # as root
cd ../ubuntu
dpkg -i musikernel[your_version].deb  # as root
cd [musikernel src dir]/src
cd ..
./  # add -i to install automatically after building, or:
sudo dnf install ./musikernel[version number].rpm
All Other Linux Distros
# figure out the dependencies based on the Fedora or Ubuntu dependencies
cd [musikernel src dir]/src
# You can specify DESTDIR or PREFIX if packaging,
# the result is fully relocatable
make install
Mac OS X

Same as the install instructions


It's complicated...

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