:musical_keyboard: Making life easy to create a MIDI-app on the web. Includes a library to program synesthesia into your app for memory recognition or for creating trippy effects. Convert soundfonts for Guitar, Bass, Drums, ect. into code that can be read by the browser. Supports multiple simultaneous instruments and perfect timing.

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Code examples - from the repo

  • Basic - the most basic implementation.
  • MIDIPlayer - how to parse MIDI files, and interact with the data stream.
  • WhitneyMusicBox - a audio/visual experiment by Jim Bumgardner


Related repositories

  • MIDI Pictures: Pictures of the 128 standard instruments on MIDI piano keyboards
  • MIDI Soundfonts: Pre-rendered General MIDI soundfonts that can be used immediately with MIDI.js

Generating Base64 Soundfonts

There is two generators for MIDI.js soundfonts:

  • NodeJS package for creating soundfonts from WAV files - by Patrick Wolleb
  • Ruby package for creating soundsfonts from SF2 files - by Mohit Muthanna

To dive in quickly Benjamin Gleitzman has created a package of pre-rendered sound fonts.


MIDI.loadPlugin.js - Decides which framework is best to use

// interface to download soundfont, then execute callback;
// simple example to get started;
    instrument: "acoustic_grand_piano", // or the instrument code 1 (aka the default)
    instruments: [ "acoustic_grand_piano", "acoustic_guitar_nylon" ], // or multiple instruments
    onsuccess: function() { }

MIDI.Plugin.js - Controls MIDI output

MIDI.noteOn(channel, note, velocity, delay);
MIDI.noteOff(channel, note, delay);
MIDI.chordOn(channel, [note, note, note], velocity, delay);
MIDI.chordOff(channel, [note, note, note], delay);
MIDI.keyToNote = object; // A0 => 21
MIDI.noteToKey = object; // 21 => A0

MIDI.Player.js - Plays MIDI stream

MIDI.Player.currentTime = integer; // time we are at now within the song.
MIDI.Player.endTime = integer; // time when song ends.
MIDI.Player.playing = boolean; // are we playing? yes or no.
MIDI.Player.loadFile(file, onsuccess); // load .MIDI from base64 or binary XML request.
MIDI.Player.start(); // start the MIDI track (you can put this in the loadFile callback)
MIDI.Player.resume(); // resume the MIDI track from pause.
MIDI.Player.pause(); // pause the MIDI track.
MIDI.Player.stop(); // stops all audio being played, and resets currentTime to 0.

Listener for when notes are played

MIDI.Player.removeListener(); // removes current listener.
MIDI.Player.addListener(function(data) { // set it to your own function!
    var now = data.now; // where we are now
    var end = data.end; // time when song ends
    var channel = data.channel; // channel note is playing on
    var message = data.message; // 128 is noteOff, 144 is noteOn
    var note = data.note; // the note
    var velocity = data.velocity; // the velocity of the note
    // then do whatever you want with the information!

Smooth animation interpolating between onMidiEvent calls

MIDI.Player.clearAnimation(); // clears current animation.
MIDI.Player.setAnimation(function(data) {
    var now = data.now; // where we are now
    var end = data.end; // time when song ends
    var events = data.events; // all the notes currently being processed
    // then do what you want with the information!

Effects available for WebAudioContext via Tuna.js

 		type: "MoogFilter",
		bufferSize: 4096,
		bypass: false,
		cutoff: 0.065,
		resonance: 3.5
		type: "Bitcrusher",
		bits: 4,
		bufferSize: 4096,
		bypass: false,
		normfreq: 0.1
		type: "Phaser",
		rate: 1.2, // 0.01 to 8 is a decent range, but higher values are possible
		depth: 0.3, // 0 to 1
		feedback: 0.2, // 0 to 1+
		stereoPhase: 30, // 0 to 180
		baseModulationFrequency: 700, // 500 to 1500
		bypass: 0
	}, {
		type: "Chorus",
		rate: 1.5,
		feedback: 0.2,
		delay: 0.0045,
		bypass: 0
	}, {
		type: "Delay",
		feedback: 0.45, // 0 to 1+
		delayTime: 150, // how many milliseconds should the wet signal be delayed? 
		wetLevel: 0.25, // 0 to 1+
		dryLevel: 1, // 0 to 1+
		cutoff: 20, // cutoff frequency of the built in highpass-filter. 20 to 22050
		bypass: 0
	}, {
		type: "Overdrive",
		outputGain: 0.5, // 0 to 1+
		drive: 0.7, // 0 to 1
		curveAmount: 1, // 0 to 1
		algorithmIndex: 0, // 0 to 5, selects one of our drive algorithms
		bypass: 0
	}, {
		type: "Compressor",
		threshold: 0.5, // -100 to 0
		makeupGain: 1, // 0 and up
		attack: 1, // 0 to 1000
		release: 0, // 0 to 3000
		ratio: 4, // 1 to 20
		knee: 5, // 0 to 40
		automakeup: true, // true/false
		bypass: 0
	}, {
		type: "Convolver",
		highCut: 22050, // 20 to 22050
		lowCut: 20, // 20 to 22050
		dryLevel: 1, // 0 to 1+
		wetLevel: 1, // 0 to 1+
		level: 1, // 0 to 1+, adjusts total output of both wet and dry
		impulse: "./inc/tuna/impulses/impulse_rev.wav", // the path to your impulse response
		bypass: 0
	}, {
		type: "Filter",
		frequency: 20, // 20 to 22050
		Q: 1, // 0.001 to 100
		gain: 0, // -40 to 40
		bypass: 1, // 0 to 1+
		filterType: 0 // 0 to 7, corresponds to the filter types in the native filter node: lowpass, highpass, bandpass, lowshelf, highshelf, peaking, notch, allpass in that order
	}, {
		type: "Cabinet",
		makeupGain: 1, // 0 to 20
		impulsePath: "./inc/tuna/impulses/impulse_guitar.wav", // path to your speaker impulse
		bypass: 0
	}, {
		type: "Tremolo",
		intensity: 0.3, // 0 to 1
		rate: 0.1, // 0.001 to 8
		stereoPhase: 0, // 0 to 180
		bypass: 0
	}, {
		type: "WahWah",
		automode: true, // true/false
		baseFrequency: 0.5, // 0 to 1
		excursionOctaves: 2, // 1 to 6
		sweep: 0.2, // 0 to 1
		resonance: 10, // 1 to 100
		sensitivity: 0.5, // -1 to 1
		bypass: 0


  • colorspace.js: Color conversions, music isn’t complete without!
Color.Space(0xff0000, "HEX>RGB>HSL");
DOMLoader.script.add(src, onsuccess);
DOMLoader.sendRequest(src, onsuccess);

Many thanks to the authors of these libraries

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    Improve Soundfont generation

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    2. Fix a long standing compatibility issue between MIDI.js naming schemes and MIDI Association / midilib naming schemes.

    For example, midilib uses "SynthBrass 1" -> https://github.com/jimm/midilib/blob/6c8e481ae72cd9f00a38eb3700ddfca6b549f153/lib/midilib/consts.rb#L280

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    There are others like "Bag pipe" vs "Bagpipe" that cause issues with generation.

    Now we use the MIDI.js definitions because that is how most users will interact with the generated soundfonts.

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    Midi files with multi channels doesn't work using MIDI.Player.Loadfile

    I have a midi file with three channels(both acoustic_grand_piano), when calling MIDI.Player.Loadfile, it only plays one track. Another problem is that the player dropped the very first note of the midi file, and the note is at time 0:00. After I move the first note 2 seconds later then it sounds good. And also I checkout to a branch called "abcjs", and I change the code to the newest commit, the two problems are resolved. Since there're too many commits(29commits ahead of HEAD), so I can't figure out which important part has been changed. But that commit has a problem with pause function, which will play one or two unexpected notes after 3 or 4 seconds after resume.

    What's more is another project Color Piano (https://galactic.ink/piano/), which is awesome and it doesn't have any of issues described above. But it seems not open source. So @mudcube , would you mind creating a repo of that project? Much thanks!

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